Impression Charles - Since 1996

A lot of ink has been spilled on the presses since that day in 1996 when Charles Laflamme launched Impression Charles at 2, rue St-Louis in Gatineau. Since then, the father-and-son business has undergone significant growth, to the point of becoming a major supplier of printing services to local businesses, municipalities, police forces, urban transportation services and more.

"I was with my father right from the start," says François Laflamme. "The company started to grow, and I went to get an academic training in printing and graphic design. We've always taken our work very, very seriously. We've really established quality standards and an excellent reputation in the region."


Impression Charles will move twice before landing in its current premises at 625 St-René East in Gatineau. The vinyl cutting and offset printing of the early days gave way to cutting-edge technologies, enabling the entrepreneur to think bigger: "Today, we really do offer a full service, everything under one roof. We have four separate departments. The first is design and graphics, with a truly outstanding team. There's the clothing department and Promotional ItemsThen there's the traditional printing department for business and advertising forms. The fourth is the signage and advertising department. Vehicule Wrap which covers just about everything printed in large format," he explains.

In fact, we design and manufacture both the Vehicule Wrap We design and manufacture vehicle wraps, interior and exterior signs, window treatments, murals, canvases, posters and event accessories in the colors and identified to the needs of each customer!

Major investments

In 2019, an investment of more than two million dollars enabled Impression Charles to equip itself with state-of-the-art technology, and to expand its premises in a highly functional way.

After more than 30 years in business, some entrepreneurs lose their motivation and drive. This is far from being the case for François Laflamme: "I started very young. Here, we're passionate about what we do, and we're constantly questioning our processes. What can we do more of, or do better? It's a real source of pride for me to run such a dynamic, high-energy company. Our work environment enables us to retain loyal and committed employees, and the human aspect is very important to us. The success of our company is due above all to the exceptional work of our entire team - the credit goes to them!"

Excerpt from Journal LeDroit

Your vision, our mission!

Impression Charles is your complete satisfaction, every time! From a simple idea, image, or concept, our turnkey solution systematically offers you customized services tailored to your needs! Impression Charles builds your identity!