About us

Impression Charles was established in May of 1996, in a tiny spot on St-Louis Street, in Gatineau. Built from one man’s enthusiasm and computer knowledge, a simple idea quickly expanded and when we mended technologies of the future with present printing needs: vinyl, screen printing, printing, pad printing, embroidery, etc., everything became possible!

A father-son project took shape in 2000, and, after a move and an expansion of the premises, the steady increase in our business became synonymous with the constantly growing level of satisfaction of our large customer base, as we have never compromised the exceptional quality of the services offered to Impression Charles’ clientele!

Your vision, our mission!

Impression Charles aims for your full satisfaction, every time! From a simple idea, image, or a concept, our turnkey solution systematically offers you services that are customized and tailored to your needs!

Impression Charles builds your identity!

Our team


François Laflamme Co-owner - Chief of operations

A part of the family business since the beginning, François constantly strives to improve his growing enterprise’s operations. Innovative, audacious and visionary are adjectives that describe him rather well! His philosophy is to encourage team work and his motto is « We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about your business! »

His job is to ensure that your business relationship with Impression Charles be a flawless one that exceeds your expectations every time!


Julie Laflamme Administrative Assistant

In autumn, 2011, Julie joined the team of Impression Charles. Having worked in the field of the early childhood during the last 18 years. This big change allows her to meet beautiful challenges and to get involved actively in the beautiful company that is Impression Printing Charles.

Avid to make always well things she likes getting involved in her work and working together with the dynamics equip with Impression Printing Charles!


Julie Thibault Graphic Designer

A native of Maniwaki, Julie studied graphic design at la Cité Collégiale. As soon as she graduated, she moved to Quebec, where she gained experience in printing and worked for an exhibit company (creation of booths and shows).

Recently back in Ottawa, she is anxious to work on your projects and new challenges!


Sylvain Sancartier Lettering - installer

Sylvain always liked the manual labor and to make the installations. Of persevering nature, he likes the challenges and to work with the public. It joined the team of Impression Charles in March, 2013 by wishing to contribute to the success of the company.


Sébastien Whissell Lettering - installer

Sébastien loves tranquility, nature and is a Jeep buff! Music is a passion of his that he gladly shares with his children. Conscientious and meticulous , he is constantly anticipating problems that may arise and is eager to find solutions!

His concern for quality ensures our clientele’s satisfaction!


Carole Tessier Desk clerk

In October 2012, Carole with joint the team of Impression Charles to meet new challenges. Mother of a big boy, Carole knows now the enjoyments to be a grandma.

During the last 28 years, Carole in worked in the field of the early childhood by operating at her home a family day care. This professional change allows her now to get involved within a dynamic team and as long as desk clerk and corporate person in charge of clothes.


Rachel Vaillancourt Administrative assistant

After 12 years spent in the field of aesthetics and owning a hair and beauty salon, this mother of two toddlers decided to leave beauty behind to join Impression Charles’s team in an administrative assistant role.

With her heart invested in this family business, this new role represents a challenge and an opportunity to actively reconcile work and family!


Méllissa Milot Project manager

A self-taught graphic designer since 2004, her knowledge and skills are put to work in all aspects of a project, from design to installation.

On Impression Charles’s team since 2007 she is now responsible for the production of all types of orders, from embroidery to vehicle lettering, and everything in between! She is also François Laflamme’s faithful assistant!